Mike's Weekly Picks: My 10 Favorite RE Tech Reads...

Here are my favorite Real Estate Tech reads from this past week. Happy reading!

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CubiCasa enables Virtual Reality access for all Manhattan Residential Properties in 2017

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

CubiCasa continues improving real estate marketing with large ambition: by the end of 2017, all Manhattan residential apartments are available as virtual reality compatible 3D models. Together with digital floor plan images, they are made available via CubiCasa on-demand platform service.

In-Building Forums Provide CRE Professionals with Invaluable Connectivity Education.

Press Release - In-Building Forums

The Washington, DC appeals court approved the FCC’s ruling that qualifies the internet as a utility.  Couple with, the onslaught of the internet of things, IOT commercial property owners have to deliver reliable connectivity to retain and obtain tenants to their properties.  

Spaceful. Be Impressive.

Blog - Duke Long

Spaceful is a powerful software tool that elevates the space tour experience for the digital age. We’re empowering brokers to deliver a superior experience to tenants before, during and after tours take place – streamlining workflow and strengthening tenant relationships along the way.

3 Things I Learned About the Importance of Company Values

Blog - Jon Schultz

In theory, we all understand how important it is to operate from an understanding of our most basic goals, values, and mission. Most companies have these. Most companies create them in their early days, as a guide for development and strategy. Most companies give little thought to how their values and goals change over time, and though they understand that revisiting them is an excellent idea, it’s not generally a high priority, and it rarely gets done.

New Twitter Poll: How Do You Think the 2017 Commercial Real Estate Market Will Compare to 2016?

Blog - QuantumListing

We’re conducting a new Twitter poll, asking the question, “How do you think the 2017 commercial real estate market will compare to 2016?” It’s been eight years since the great recession and most sectors of the commercial real estate market in most markets have recovered nicely. 

The VTS-Hightower Merger – What Does It Mean For Us?

Blog - Neuerspace

The big news of the week is the merger between VTS and Hightower. These two companies had been competing for the same clients and building very similar platforms, and are now coming together to “accelerate our product road map”, according to Brandon Weber, Co-founder and CEO of Hightower who will now assume the role of Chief Product Officer at VTS.

VTS and Hightower Join Forces For Faster Industry Innovation

VTS - Blog

We’re excited to share some big news today – VTS and Hightower have merged under the name VTS to form the industry’s leading leasing and asset management platform. Watch the video below to hear from the VTS and Hightower co-founders about what this merger means:

Forget About Millennials

Blog - Colliers Knowledge Leader

Let’s not have a conversation about millennials. Not because they aren’t shaping popular culture: everything from working to shopping is experiencing a renaissance thanks to their influence. And not because everybody else has given their two cents already: there’s still a lot of value to be had in continuing the discussion about their unique qualities. Not even because of any perceived stigma about the “me” generation.

Redfin unveils agent CMA tool, scraps consumer version

News - Inman

Software pulls comparable homes, shows buyer demand statistics.

Online real estate service OpenDoor raises $210M Series D despite risky financing model

News - TechCrunch

This afternoon, Norwest Venture Partners announced that it led a massive $210 million Series D investment round in OpenDoor. With the new capital, the startup is looking to expand the usage of its marketplace platform for buying and selling real estate to 10 cities.

Have I missed anything? Feel free to reach out to me at michael@thenewsfunnel.com with your favorite RE Tech articles for this week. I am always looking for new content to read!