Mike's Weekly Picks: My 9 Favorite RE Tech Reads...

Here are my favorite Real Estate Tech reads from this past week. Happy reading!

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Four Must-Watch CRE Tech Innovations that Will Carry Us Into 2017

Blog - Realnex

Commercial real estate has advanced in leaps and bounds this past year, with new technologies and ideas for using them appearing at a rate that is nearly impossible to keep up with. But, in our fast-paced, real estate work, keeping up with these trends is imperative.

Corigin Venture’s David Goldberg Shares His Startup Stories

Blog - CRE.Tech

Early in David Goldberg’s career he had an idea that would change the direction of his life in unexpected ways. He was a young financial advisor at Merrill-Lynch and, not having a heavy portfolio of his own, decide to focus on startup founders as a client base. 

The Top 5 Real Estate Development and Architectural Trends

Blog - Bulletin by Brevitas

The innovations keep coming in CRE, as developers work hand in hand with creative design minds to expand the options for commercial buildings. Many of the latest trends in commercial architecture are heavily influenced by concern for sustainable building practices, energy efficiency, and more livable urban spaces.

What really matters in an office property (hint: it’s not brick and exposed beams)

Blog - Apto

The movie Office Space suggests that every office is alike. And it can probably feel that way much of the time.

3 Alternative Funding Options When Seeking Capital

Blog - NAI Global Newslink

One thing that can be said for the period leading up to the 2008 downturn is that capital was easy to come by. Since then, with credit tightening noticeably, it has become more challenging for many developers to secure funding for new projects, despite the demand for new property in many markets.

Here’s Why Productivity Hinges on Data Integration

Blog - Jon Schultz

The term “all-in-one” is getting a lot of play lately, particularly with regard to digital solutions for business. It seems that having access to a tremendous volume of information and computing power isn’t such a big deal if it’s kept isolated. That is a simple but powerful idea.

4 Best Practices for Real Estate Email Drip Campaigns

Blog - ProspectNow

With email being a common way to communicate and share information, it’s easy for an email to get marked as spam or immediately deleted by the receiver. How do you make it past delete? When reaching out to a prospect via email, there’s actually an art to it!

Don’t You Look Smart: 45 Artificial Intelligence Startups Targeting Retail In One Infographic

Blog - CB Insights

Investors poured a record high $1.05B into artificial intelligence startups in Q2’16, and AI is already affecting more areas of our lives than many people realize. Even retail and e-commerce companies are increasingly integrating the technology.

Planned Grocery Launches New Web-Mapping Grocery Real Estate Information Platform.

Blog - Duke Long

Research and planning for retail real estate developments just became a lot easier. For those in the retail real estate business, finding and tracking planned grocery locations can be difficult and time-consuming. Most news articles lack the sufficient details required to properly locate the exact planned grocery store location. Companies do this research every day, but often the information is gathered on the “market of the moment” and the data is not kept up to date nor is it shared throughout the organization.

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