The Future of Tech and Real Estate

I am very honored and excited to be presenting at the CU Real Estate Center 20th Annual Forum. I am looking forward to interacting with many of the thought leaders, industry professionals and educators that are gathering for this important event. Thank you to CU Real Estate Center for giving me the opportunity to share my views on real estate tech.

My own perspective is a unique one in that I have spent my entire career in the real estate marketing sector, with two very unique perspectives. The first phase of my career was building a Public Relations agency from scratch into a Top 50 firm that specialized in real estate clients. And the second, more recent perspective is that of launching a startup in the technology sector of the real estate industry. From both of these vantage points, I have been afforded a very unique perception to be at epicenter of all things tech and real estate.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts at the forum and hopefully contributing to the 20/20 theme of the conference looking at the next 20 years at real estate tech.

My own startup is in the news, event and content marketing sectors of the business. We operate several sites with a common goal. To be the one source that provides the real estate industry with a single point solution for all things content related. From profiles on all of the leading tech companies to marketing resources, educational forums and networking opportunities. Our specific assets are The News Funnel, Real Estate Tech News, CRE // Tech and The Content Funnel. Operating all of these sites gives us good handle on who is doing what in tech and what the industry is actually embracing. It also gives us a good window on the challenges, as well as opportunities, impacting the sector.

I have personally written about a lot of these issues and companies on my own blog. There you also will find the perspectives of many of the industry’s thought leaders.

My own view, and what I hope to discuss at your meeting, is that we are in a period of consolidation in the real estate tech sector. One that will see the pack really start to separate from those with resources and traction, and those without. It’s an inevitable business cycle that you would find in any new industry. I think it’s fairly obvious who is emerging with momentum in the sector right now. VTS/Hightower, ProspectNow, RealNex, Xceligent, Apto, REThink, Matterport, RealMassive, Compstak and Ten-X are some that come to mind. The sites that are focused on providing real value to the industry professionals in the form of analytics, CRM, marketing solutions, VR and prospecting solutions are the most popular applications. Anyone who came into the sector claiming they would displace professionals has clearly not succeeded!

In my presentation, I will offer my own thoughts on where I think the industry is headed in the future. While no one can ever truly predict the future, I base my own predictions on the insights I have gained from talking to hundreds of startups and real estate professionals. Trying to keep my pulse on all things real estate tech is one of my true passions. Therefore, some of the predictions I will discuss include:

  • How the big brokerage firms will start a race for the best technologies
  • How the tenant sector along with the next generation of professionals entering the business will drive a movement towards shorter term, flexible lease commitments
  • How the new generation of entrepreneurs, who embrace technology as core to their business, will embrace DIY leasing solutions similar to AirBnB platforms
  • How the real winners of the tech race will start to emerge… looking more like Bloomberg than CoStar
  • And finally, how a new breed of entrepreneurs will enter the industry from a technology point of view first and truly disrupt the industry

One of the best ways I learn is by engaging in conversations with others and so I am truly excited to attend this important industry conference and thank you again for the opportunity to share my thoughts and perspectives.