The most important lesson I learned in tech…

It’s NOT about the tech, it’s all about the people!!!

Having been focused full time on the tech sector for the past five years, everyday is an exciting challenge. Not only is it a challenge to survive, adapt and grow, but also to move the friggin ball down the field, even if it’s only one inch at a time! The learning curve is steep and intense. As a “non-techie” (meaning I don’t know a thing about coding or development), it can be overwhelming to try to absorb the constant flow of information in the startup world.

I personally love learning and growing. It's how I approach my personal and business live. Therefore, I am very comfortable adjusting to a new career and new industry. In fact, it’s thrilling. From the outside, I am sure that the tech world seems very intimidating to jump into. And for me, in the beginning at least, it was. I left my stable, thriving company in the PR space to enter the sector because I saw such a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of the coming revolution in the real estate tech sector. And I have loved every minute of it!

But most people think that the key to succeeding in tech is, well, the tech. I am here to tell you this… that’s bullshit! My main takeaway from the past five years or so and my message to anyone thinking of entering the field is simply this:  it’s NOT about the tech, it’s ALL about the people!

So much hype is made about the technology aspect of the tech sector. There is no doubt that you must have good technology to succeed, but honestly, I feel that surrounding yourself with great people is more important. Just look at all of the recent bad press from Uber. It’s not their technology people are pissed about, it’s the people. And in that regard, nothing can right the ship or stem the negativity around them if they don’t address their culture first. There are tons of similar examples in the Silicon Valley of really bad people destroying good products.

Here’s why I personally put so much importance on people in my own startup...

  • Technology is only as good as the people that surround it, nurture it and bring it to market. Without an amazing team, it’s just a product or algorithm that no one knows or cares about.
  • There are a million challenges and obstacles to overcome when building a successful tech company. Without a focused, determined, strong team, these obstacles will break you.
  • A great team will bring the best decisions of how to market, where, and with what tactics.
  • A great team works together to build a consensus about the product, it’s constant enhancement, pivot and future road map.
  • Personalities build brands, not machines.
  • People connect with other people and build loyalty and so when the tech fails, (and it always does) there is faith in the organization.

There are a million great examples of this too. Think Apple’s dominance over its competitors. Think about how Google consistently attracts the best talent. Think of how Elon Musk has built a cult of personality around his amazing companies...

I am blessed at The News Funnel to be surrounded by an amazing team of people. They lead me. They inspire me. They teach me. Together, we are on a mission to connect the tech and real estate sectors. Our technology may not be the greatest just yet, but I believe our team is and that’s why in the end we will succeed.

So if you are in tech or thinking of entering tech, I would recommend that you invest in people more than anything else!