The race for the “everything in one place” CRE tech solution…

The more time I spend thinking about the CRE tech scene, the more I am convinced that the real winners will be the sites that put “everything in one place” for the industry’s professionals. It just makes the most sense. There are way too many one-off sites/tools/applications that require a lot of work for professionals to log in, turn on, use etc… That’s just not how real estate professionals work. It’s counterproductive and actually disruptive to their workflow.

So how will this actually transpire and what will it look like?

I would venture to say that there will be a few monster sites that will essentially try and roll up several tools in one uber location. That is where I think we are headed. But, which features would be included? I would think these “uber” sites will all have several tools including:

  • An MLS system to show all inventory

  • Analytics on each professional’s space inventory

  • Customized news feeds

  • The ability to create marketing tools and campaigns

  • VR

  • Lead gen tools for prospecting

  • Communication tools integrated into the system (like Slack)

  • A CRM to keep your contact information current

  • Networking (not LinkedIn), but a system to find and connect with any real estate professional in the business

  • And probably more.

Imagine logging in first thing in the morning and seeing all of this at your fingertips!? And then throughout the day, you can easily use one of the tools on the dashboard to update your clients. And finally, at the end of the day, you can check your updates and get a quick read on the pulse of the industry.

I know several sites that are working on this already. If I were a site that had one of these services/features already built, I would be knocking on their doors to get into their platform before my competition does.