On the Startup Road: MIT Center for Real Estate 


Steve Weikal, Head of Industry and Alumni Relations, MIT Center for Real Estate 


I can’t believe it took me this long to connect with one of the most important people in real estate tech…Steve Weikal! As head of Industry and Alumni Relations at the MIT Center for Real Estate, Steve and his team are on the leading edge of all things tech in the real estate sector. Unfortunately I was traveling during their MIT World Real Estate Forumon May 18th and 19th but I heard from many others that were there that it was a hugely successful event. To learn more about what Steve and MITare up to in the real estate sector also check out...http://realestateinnovationlab.mit.edu/  andhttp://www.realdisruption.com/.

I will have much more on Steve at a later date but if you don’t know him and the MIT Center for Real Estate, he is someone you should absolutely have on your list.

(PS-thanks Raja for the intro to Steve!)